Magic circle step by step guide

The magic circle can be tricky to get the hang of but is a great trick to learn for starting many crochet projects! The tail end can be used to pull the circle tight so there are no gaps in your projects. Here is a short video and step by step guide to get you started with your magic circle!

Video tutorial
Step 1: drape your yarn over your first two fingers with the tail end facing towards you
Step 2: wrap the yarn around your fingers to and then over the top to form an x
Step 3: insert your hook underneath the right side of the x
Step 4: turn your hook to get hold of the yarn on the left hand strand of yarn
Step 5: pull the through from left to right
Step 6: insert your hook under the yarn on the left hand side on your middle finger (the long end of the yarn)
Step 7: Pull the yarn through the loop on the hook
Finished magic circle! When you have worked your stitches into the circle, use the tail to pull tight!

Top tip

When finishing a project, make a knot with the tail end of your yarn into your work to make sure the magic circle doesn’t come loose! Weave in your tail as much as you can to secure it tightly.